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I just found this blog after searching around to find out about people being banned because mine and my husband’s accounts were suspended for ‘having multiple accounts and funneling gems’. my husbands is linked to our paypal and when I want gems he buys them and sends them to me. I emailed staff to try and get our accounts back and instead of outright banning us we’re suspended until 9/25/2099 and won’t get a refund on any money we’ve spent on gems. Fucking amazing.

"The year is 2099…I’m over 100 years old and finally…finally I can play my pet dragon game..I can die peacefully now.."

But seriously, that’s stupid. I hope you and your husband can get your accounts back somehow if you even still want to play after this fiasco. 

Hey there! Sorry to bother but I'd like a little bit more help with "How to make money on mabi" post you made. Specifically about the sagas. So Its easy to run Ep7 yeah. but how many times am i suppose to do this per day? once or twice or more? Cuz It seems i can run it more than once per day lol. Am I suppose to just have 3 boxes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday or am i suppose to jsut get as much boxes as i can and open on those days? I hope I'm making sense xD haha

You’re not bothering! Don’t worry!
With the sagas, you can only run one episode a day per character to get a box (Unless you have yet to complete the episode ever on a character.)

With this, if you have multiple characters on one account. (Say you started as a Human, you get a free Elf card and free Giant card.) You would have 3 characters you can run the sagas on.(You might also have more, or less, depending what race you chose, or if you bought extra character cards.)

Either way. Each character can run ONE Saga episode a day.

Let’s say you have just one character. You can run episode 7 on that character once a real life day. You do not open the boxes you get from beating the episode until it hits the weekend (Saturday or Sunday.) This ensures you get the 30k bonus for each box you open, along with either a saga coupon or weapon/coin.

Should you do this, for one character, you get 210k for that character for those 7 days you ran episode 7. (Don’t forget to NPC the big gold pouches too!)

If you open the boxes any other day other than Thursday(EP7 bonus), Saturday, or Sunday, you will not get the 30k Bonus. 

I hope I answered your questions!

mabifreddy is Making me do this. They are kinda fun though.

Name: Paige
Nickname: Fang
Birthday: September 11th, 1992
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight 
Height: 5’2
Time Zone: Central.
What time and date is it there: It is 8:30, 9/14/2014
Average hours of sleep I get each night: Depends. It can range from 1-7.
The last thing I googled was: HOW THE FUCK TO GET RID OF FLEAS.
My most used phrase(s): Fuck, Aw yee, dickmuncher
First word that comes to mind: sleep
What I last said to a family member: Goodnight
How many blankets I sleep under: I always have at least one blanket, but like last night, I had two.
Favorite beverage(s): Coffee, Soda, energy drinks. Sun tea. And not so nice drinks: Gross fucking Alcohol WHICH IS ALL OF IT
The last movie I watched in the cinema: Uh…I like never go to the movies but the last one I can think of was 2012 because my mom wanted to see it :l
Three things I can’t live without: My cats, My family, Koga.
Something I plan on learning:

A piece of advice for all my followers:Thank you guys so much for following me. I don’t know how, but 279 of you(as of this post) tolerate my sometimes stupid posts, that may seem like I’m whining or just bitching. I’m not really sure what I’m doing, but I’m happy you all stick around. I mean come on,That’s a lot of people..Imagine all of you being in one room like holy shit. I’m really thankful for all of you, and thank you for tolerating me.

You all have to listen to this song: Right here.
My blog(s): Just this one.
I CHALLENGE: ari-films  old-strawberrymilk erikacha YEAH GO DO IT.

So we got Candi taken to the vet. It’s as I thought, she’s having an allergic reaction to the fleas. They pretty much told us what we already know, and to give her Frontline once every 3 weeks. The other two we give Frontline once a month as it says on the box.

They also gave us some Medicine we have to give her orally, or, well, in her food. There’s no way I can hold her down and give her the medicine. My dad already tried before and she tore his arm up. xD; But she eats the food the medicine is in.

They are also saying they want her to be perfectly better before we can get her fixed. So they said at -least- 6 months before we can do that. We used $116 on the vet today (For Frontline, her medicine, and the visit). We’ll be using the rest for more Frontline 3 weeks from now. Man this stuff is expensive.

I just hope I this solves everything and gets rid of these damn fleas.

Hardly got any sleep last night, maybe an hour or two in total.

I’ve been stressing really hard. Candi is still sick, but she’s even worse now than she was before. We were going to get her fixed Tuesday but she’s been showing worse signs than before, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t take her in to get fixed if she looks the way she does currently.

So we have to use the money that was going to get her spayed, to get her taken in to be looked at by the vet today.

Before, her butt was swollen and really red, and she had a rash around her mouth and on her chin.

Now, her butt is still swollen, but the space just above her butt is red and black.It’s really hard to look at. She’s barely been able to open her right eye for awhile, because it was leaking with a goopy fluid. Now, both of her eyes are effected, and her right eye had a little blood coming from it. Her ears are vibrant red, some blood, but it’s because she’s being irritated. 

She’s been sick like this for four months. Even after getting her checked in before, the medicine they gave us worked for a little bit but then stopped. But at the time we didn’t know she had fleas. They were assuming it’s because she was having hormone issues and needed to be fixed, or she was allergic to something. They figured it was the food we were giving her, which wasn’t the case because we changed her food entirely and she is still looking the same.

I’m assuming she’s allergic to the fleas but wont know for sure until we get to the vet today. We called earlier and we were lucky to be able to get an appointment since they were pretty full today.

I’m just so worried for her. I don’t like when they’re sick or in pain. It hurts my heart and I stress about it so badly. I don’t like seeing them hurting..

I just hope the visit today isn’t really expensive..Since whatever we use, has to be made up for when we can get her fixed. Since it costs $200 to get a female cat spayed, without shots.

We already bought Frontline to try and get rid of the fleas, and I’ve been doing what I can to keep the place clean, but I have not noticed any changes since giving them the Frontline..


Alright! The game is open for anyone to play! Special birthday game gogo!

All done!

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