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Reminder! Hottime tonight!

Enchant Expiration Removal Scroll
8 p.m. - 9 p.m.
PDT 11 p.m. - Midnight EDT

I also want to mention that these past few hot times, I missed the time and managed to log in an hour and 45 minutes later than the designated time, and still was able to receive my items.

So if you think you missed the hot time, and it’s only a bit after the times they say, try logging in anyways!

If you don’t mind waiting a bit, I can take care of you after I get home from work and get some sleep
Oh, Yeah I can wait! Awesome.

B>Hagi and Anju outfits [Mari]

I’d assume they’re like 2m right? I dont have the nx to buy them both myself so if anyone wants to sell them to me, just note me.
I’m Fanghimura of Mari. (=

Taken care of.

Wow I’m dumb. Thank you.

Post Maint-Maint



Hey Folks, T-Spin here; Sorry about the downtime. Our servers were a bit over-loaded and we basically have to close stuff down to clean up the mess. We appreciate your patience and we’ll get back to you when we’re coming back. Till then, why don’t you all practice your jutsu hand signs and ninja runs to keep that Shinobi hype going.

you heard em folks let do this

We will ALL become the naruto

About the ears and wigs.

A lot of people don’t know where they come from.

The Kitsune and Tanuki ears come from the gachapon we’ll likely see later today or tomorrow. Anju and Hagi’s wigs also come from that.

You do NOT get the wigs or ears from the ninja outfit bags.

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