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I just found this blog after searching around to find out about people being banned because mine and my husband’s accounts were suspended for ‘having multiple accounts and funneling gems’. my husbands is linked to our paypal and when I want gems he buys them and sends them to me. I emailed staff to try and get our accounts back and instead of outright banning us we’re suspended until 9/25/2099 and won’t get a refund on any money we’ve spent on gems. Fucking amazing.

"The year is 2099…I’m over 100 years old and finally…finally I can play my pet dragon game..I can die peacefully now.."

But seriously, that’s stupid. I hope you and your husband can get your accounts back somehow if you even still want to play after this fiasco. 

Hey there! Sorry to bother but I'd like a little bit more help with "How to make money on mabi" post you made. Specifically about the sagas. So Its easy to run Ep7 yeah. but how many times am i suppose to do this per day? once or twice or more? Cuz It seems i can run it more than once per day lol. Am I suppose to just have 3 boxes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday or am i suppose to jsut get as much boxes as i can and open on those days? I hope I'm making sense xD haha

You’re not bothering! Don’t worry!
With the sagas, you can only run one episode a day per character to get a box (Unless you have yet to complete the episode ever on a character.)

With this, if you have multiple characters on one account. (Say you started as a Human, you get a free Elf card and free Giant card.) You would have 3 characters you can run the sagas on.(You might also have more, or less, depending what race you chose, or if you bought extra character cards.)

Either way. Each character can run ONE Saga episode a day.

Let’s say you have just one character. You can run episode 7 on that character once a real life day. You do not open the boxes you get from beating the episode until it hits the weekend (Saturday or Sunday.) This ensures you get the 30k bonus for each box you open, along with either a saga coupon or weapon/coin.

Should you do this, for one character, you get 210k for that character for those 7 days you ran episode 7. (Don’t forget to NPC the big gold pouches too!)

If you open the boxes any other day other than Thursday(EP7 bonus), Saturday, or Sunday, you will not get the 30k Bonus. 

I hope I answered your questions!

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