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Just a blog for my art, works in progress, Mabinogi screenshots, personal stuff, and just everything in general. WIPs will only be posted here and not on Deviantart. If you want to hit me up with a message or a question, please don't be shy! I love getting messages.

A small guide to making money in Mabinogi.

I always get a ton of people asking how I make money in Mabinogi. I do multiple things to earn the money I have, without needing to buy gacha, or spend any real life money. So read more if you’d like to know this helpful tip!

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Super Smash Brothers!

Ah Man, I can’t wait for Super Smash Brothers.

If you guys didn’t see, It’s coming out this summer for the 3DS, and this Winter for the Wii U.


Charizard and Greninja are new playable characters. Charizard also has his mega form, as does Lucario!



but i just wanted a scottish fold for amir….

Trade you. LOL.

Help us win!

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