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Alright Tumblr, I’m going to need some help here. I’ve seen it happen before..and we’re going to need your help. If you could take just a moment to read, that would be great.

The above pictures are the result of my little brothers’ car accident from this morning.

He was on his way to work this morning when he was rear-ended by a woman who was on her phone. He ran out of the car to see if she was okay. She yelled at him and told him he’s not old enough to drive (When he’s 18 years old, which is old enough in Illinois.)Β 

He doesn’t remember anything after that other than waking up in an Ambulance. The lady who had rear-ended him had been rear-ended herself. The car who hit her, sent my little brother against the pavement which resulted in the injuries above. His leg is also dinged up.

He’s better and out of the hospital. He has a chipped and loose tooth from the incident, as well as his lips being badly bruised and cut up. We also have to look for symptoms of a concussion as well.

The problem is that we are definitely not financially stable. We’re not certain on the amount we have to pay the hospital yet, or how much our car will cost to get it fixed, but we definitely won’t have enough to get much paid. He had a catscan done as well as an xray for his leg at the hospital, which will probably be quite costly.

Because of this, we also won’t be having much of a Christmas this year either.

This is where we need your help. Anything will do. Even if you can’t donate, if you can pass this on, that would be great. I’ll give updates when I can figure out how much it will all cost as well.

I can even do some drawings for those of you who donate.

The paypal for donations is paige91192@yahoo.com.Β 

Even $1 would help, guys. Please signal boost if you can.

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